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Andy Warhol and his funny creations ... Campbell soup started it all...

Pop art begun in the mid 1950’s and was the creation of several young adults in Britain with the aim of bringing a new creative, fun and bright movement to the world. Pop art focuses on what is popular in culture and was around after the war which characterised a sense optimism during the post was consumer boom of the 50’s and 60’s. This is where the name pop art comes from, being popular culture. Pop art was big during the globalisation of pop music and youth culture. The British artists behind pop art grew up in a very dull world of ration books and utility design. They saw America as a land of freedom, a more inclusive and youthful culture that embraced social influence of mass media and mass production. Pop art was greatly influenced by dada collages which was combinations of random images to gain a reaction from the establishment of that time. Pop art was similar to this although focused instead on popular culture.

David Siqueiros (image bellow on the left) is an American photographer who does a range of styles but he's mostly known for his pop art work and his work with Andy Warhol which are a series of portraits. The photos that David takes all I believe capture what the person is like and their inner selves. David is similar to Andy Warhol with the use of bright and contrasting colors. With Davids work you can actually learn a lot about the person in the photograph, as with the photo to the right of the large house behind the people it portrays that they are wealthy and so with the colors of countries behind the subjects.

David Siqueiros.jpg

The photos that Johan Thörnqvist (image above on the right) takes are actually very simple and the photos to the right are only taken on his phone. But the simple images that they are to begin with are made into beautiful and creative pieces that create a new world within the world of the photo its self. He generally takes pictures of landscapes and just what's around him, not only are the pieces that he creates really nice but so are the photos that he takes.

Randy Scott Slavin.jpg

Randy Scott Slavin (image above) is based in New York City and is an award winning director and surrealist photographer. He channels the energy of pop culture within his work which is where pop are came from. His photographs let us view the world from a different perspective and ways that we have never seen before. What's different about Randy to the other photographers is that he takes photos of landscapes rather than portraits. An important part of landscape photography is choosing the right location and getting the perfect composition, this I think Randy finds and captures perfectly. What also stands out in Randy’s photos is that he perfects the lighting, as photographing landscapes means that you cant control the lighting you need to wait and capture the image just at the right time. The colors in his photos work perfectly as you can see with the photo in the bottom right, the contrast between the green and blue with the sun shining on the ground creating a yellow. The circles that the effect creates, creates a focal point on the photo and leads your eye around the photograph.

I did my pop art emulation on a more classical style a-la Andy WarholeMerlyn Monroe. Using portrait photo of my girlfriend, I followed this usefull youtube video tutorial:


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