blending class excercise

Blending modes class excercise

one of the the class activities was photo shoot of this car parked in the campus. We used both, ambient and flash light, using two different flashes. We made four different exposures, in each case to get the right exposure values for different parts of the image frame with varying brightness range.

So we took a shot exposing for the remote bright area behing the parking. Then opening up, we took exposure for ambient light in the dark parking. Another shot was exposed for flash light placed in the left right corner, brightening the rear side of the car. Lat one was for flash light as well, this time brightening the area behind the car - the flesh light was held by one of the students hiding in the left behind the car.

Subsequently we opened these for images in photoshop - opening the from lightroom - open in photoshop as layers. We put the layers in suitable order and adjusted the belnding modes so that we get the correct part of each images for the final shot.

car blended_02A6197.jpg

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