Robert Boynes Project

Robert Boynes Project

Robert Boynes3.jpg

For the class project, I decided to create an image using advanced photoshop techniques to emulate the style of the Australian artist Robert Boynes. Due to time constraints and availability of technical equipment, I had to leave the original idea of film and dark room printing for the class project. Nevertheless, I'm fairly confident with darkroom techniques, whereas I have great space for improvement in Photoshop being an neverending PS beginner :)

I have seen Robert Boynes' work for first time at the Sydney PopArt exibition, just recently. His work was one the rare ones, at the exibition, that impressed me, next to Peter Powditch pieces.


Robert Boynes 6.jpg

Born in Adelaide in 1942, Robert Boynes specialised in painting and printmaking at the South Australian School of Art from 1962-64, before embarking upon studies in film at Flinders University, South Australia (1974). He has held positions as a lecturer at various tertiary art institutions including Wattle Park Teacher's College, Adelaide; Maidstone College of Art and Basingstoke Technical College, United Kingdom, and in 1978, moved to Canberra where he became Senior Lecturer at the Canberra School of Art, Australian National University, and subsequently appointed Head of Painting.

Since his first solo exhibition at Bonython Art Gallery, Adelaide in 1966, Robert has held more than fifty solo exhibitions.

Robert Boynes.jpg

His work is widely acclaimed and features in all major Australian state, regional and university galleries throughout Australia, in addition to prominent corporate collections that include: BHP Billiton, Melbourne; IBM, Sydney; Westfield, Sydney; and the Park Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne. Significantly, he is also widely represented internationally in the prestigious Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; the Raymond Burr Collection, California and Westpac, New York.

The Project

To emulate this particular style, I will not use the same techniques that Boynes has been using. It will be a challenge indeed for me to research and find the ways to process photos in a photoshop to the same effect. I will have to dig deeper into blending modes, colour processing, using different filters, etc.


This is the result. I also have done printed version. To get this result I mainly played with the blending modes of layers in PS.

PS screen print.jpg

I used four different images as four different layers. I adjusted the oppacity of the layers and changes the blending modes. Further, using the erasure tool, I softened the edges.

The last step in the project was to process to photo into physical output. I printed it on a lazer jet printer.


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